Sonja Schadler
Sonja Schadler was born in the serene Austrian region of Styria. She grew up in a family, where music was cultivated with great love. Inspired by her older sister, she started playing the recorder at the age of four and three years later - the piano.  She loved to spend her time singing and playing the piano very much. In 2005, Sonja started studying the recorder and Church music at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz. She became a member of the University Gregorian Chant Ensemble and toured with it in Austria, Germany, Croatia, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Belarus and Lithuania. She graduated from the university with the Bachelor degrees in both recorder and Church music with distinction. After her studies in Graz, Sonja spent a semester in Berlin as part of her Master’s degree studies in the recorder (finished in March 2014). Having acquired substantial knowledge and developed superb vocal skills in Gregorian chant singing, Sonja was eager to continue the practice on professional level and became a founding member as well as a soloist of the newly founded women ensemble “Graces & Voices”.  At the moment, Sonja is finishing her Master ‘s degree in the recorder program.

Diana Astrauskienė

Diana Astrauskienė was born in Šiauliai, a city in the Lithuanian region of Samogitia - the last region to be christianized in Europe. The unique symbol of Christianity - the world famous Hill of the Crosses – lies in the vicinity of the city. Diana finished her basic musical training at the local music school. Then she graduated from the Faculty of Arts of Klaipėda University with the Bachelor in choir conducting and Master in music educology. Now she is a teacher of music at Šaukėnų V. Pūtvio-Putvinskio gymnasium and Art director at the  Šaukėnai Culture Centre. Diana’s faith kindled her interest in sacred music and she developed knowledge and skill in Gregorian chant singing. As a result, Diana heads Schola Cantorum of Gregorian Chant of Šiauliai Cathedral. She is also a member of the St. Cecile ensemble of sacred music as well as the trio „Anima".

Aliona Kalechyts
Aliona Kalechyts was born in Minsk (Belarus). Since she was 4 year old it was her dream to play the violin - and it came true when she was 6. She graduated Music College (Minsk) in violin by Prof. V. Zelenin, in 2007 started to study in the Academy of Music in her native town, but in one year decided to change the university, and went to the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz (Austria). Now she studies Master in Concert violin by Prof. A. Schittenhelm. She studies also barock violin (Prof. D. Luisi) and vocal in early music (Prof. M. Bogner) in J. J. Fux Konservatorium Graz. She was a member of many international festivals as a soloist or with the chamber music group and orchestra. Had a lot of concerts in for ex. Latvia, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Bahrain etc. She is a member of Baroque ensembles "Contrasto Armonico" and "Il Giardino D'Amore", as well of Grazer Kammerorchester, substitute in Opera Graz and principal of Musica Coeli Orchetstra.

Vita Diškevičiūtė
Vita Diškevičiūtė

Vita Diškevičiūtė, born in Kaunas (Lithuania), is the
youngest member of the ensemble. Vita started studying
music at the Vilnius Conservatoire. She continues her
studies in Vilnius at the Lithuanian Academy of Music
and Theatre and specializes in choral conducting
and music pedagogy. Both as a performer and a choir
conductor she actively takes part in concerts and music
projects of the Academy. Vita is a member of Vilnius
University „Schola Cantorum Vilnensis“. She has been
perfecting her skills in Gregorian chant singing in a number
of „Ad Fontes” master classes (Lithuania) and taught
a course for children.

Roberta Daugėlaitė                     
Roberta Daugėlaitė

 Roberta Daugėlaitė was born in Kaunas, a city in Lithuania, which enjoys prominent traditions of sacred music. She grew up in a musical family. Both her parents are professionals of choral music. Roberta entered Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in Vilnius and graduated in piano with the Bachelor degree. At the moment, she is continuing her piano studies on Master level at the Academy. She also participates in the activities of „Cantate Domino“, the choir of the oldest church of Kaunas, as an organist and singer. Besides, Roberta also cherishes an interest in other aesthetic arts such as photography and drawing.