!! BBC Music Magazine - 4 stars !!

Graces & Voices together with Consortium Vocale (Oslo) has recorded a CD "Historia Sancti Olavi". The CD contains liturgical chants related to the liturgy of Norvegian saint Olav.


Graces & Voices together with Prof. Franz Karl Prassl (University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz) recorded liturgical chants of the Sundays and Feast Days after Christmas. This CD, issued by EOS Verlag) is a part of the series of recordings of the newly restored chants in „Graduale Novum“. 


!! Nominated by International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) !!

In 2012 Graces & Voices issued its first CD „Mysterium Crucis“. Inspired by the famous Hill of the Crosses in Lithuania, the CD includes chants from the principal liturgical feasts of the Holy Cross. The CD has been produced by Rondeau Production, a German production company.

„Pizzicato“ magazine, a member in the Jury of the International Classical Music Awards, honoured the CD with Supersonic Award for its exceptional value:  

„The freshness of the voices, their convincing power and flexibility make us experience the treasures with astonishing vivacity. Musical emotion and exquisite sacredness, of which all the pieces are imbued, have reached our time without losing a penny of their essence“.

Excerpt from the review by Pizzicato

Review by Jonathan Slawson